Co-creation workshop | Norway

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the co-creation workshop “Gender and race bias in recruitment and HR management: co-creating fair and trustworthy AI systems”, hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

In the workshop, you will have the chance to join a multi stakeholder group composed of workers representatives and civil society organizations advocating for equality and inclusion, HR professionals, and AI experts, and to contribute to address and contrast gender and race bias in recruitment. This is an interactive co-creation workshop whose input and results will feed into the work that the BIAS project will do to develop AI based bias detection and mitigation tools.

The workshop will last 4 hours and it will mix panel discussion and group work, while including a dedicated space for networking.


Content Duration
Introduction, BIAS presentation and next steps 15 min
Open/warming up discussion 45 min
Group co-creation activity 2 hours
Networking lunch 1 hour

Scandic Lerkendal hotel: Klæbuveien 127 A, 7031 Trondheim (Norway)

June 9th, 9.30 am – 12.30 pm CET (followed by lunch)

Responsible organisation?
Norwegian University of Science and Technology


BIAS co-creation workshops form

This is an inquiry about participation in the BIAS research project, where the main purpose is to identify and mitigate diversity bias of AI applications in the labour market. In this letter we will give you information about the purpose of the project and what your participation will involve.

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