Trustworthy AI Helix

Crowdhelix is the partner responsible for this virtual community. Its network revolves around thematic areas known as “Helixes,” such as Health Helix, Societies Helix, and Digital Helix, among others. These Helixes bring together experts, research professionals, and innovators from academia and industry to foster specialized communities focused on specific domains, reaching over 11,000+ active users and over 400,000 research and innovation actors.

By joining the BIAS specialized community, the Trustworthy AI Helix, you will gain access to project updates and have the opportunity to collaborate with experts in the field of Trustworthy AI.

The Trustworthy AI Helix plays a vital role in ensuring the effective dissemination and exploitation of BIAS project results. By building a strong and self-sustaining community of like-minded stakeholders, we increase the project’s impact and ensure its future sustainability.

We invite external stakeholders to become part of this thriving community. Simply visit this page, click “Join,” and select your organization name to request a user account.


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