Inside the Black Box: BIAS at the EASST-4S 2024

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used in hiring and recruitment for screening, ranking and evaluating job candidates. How fair is the decision generated by AI compared with a human’s decision? Join BIAS in Amsterdam from July 16 to 19 for an interactive session as part of the Making & Doing sessions at EASST-4S 2024, where we will explore the fairness of AI in the recruitment process.

Event Highlights:

  • Explore AI in HR: Understand how Artificial Intelligence is being used in human resource management for selecting, ranking, and evaluating workers.
  • Fairness in Recruitment: Delve into questions of fairness in the recruitment process and discover how AI can mitigate human bias or exacerbate discrimination.

Interactive Experience:

  1. Job Criteria Selection: Read a job description and select the ranking criteria you consider important, such as experience, education, or language skills.
  2. AI vs. Human Assessment: The AI will make an assessment based on your input, while you enter the “black box” to make your own selection and ranking of candidates.
  3. Compare and Reflect: Exit the black box to compare your choices with the AI’s decisions and see where they differ.

Feedback and Collaboration:

  • Share your thoughts and feedback on the activity to help the STS community and our project, BIAS, rethink AI-enhanced hiring processes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to step inside the black box and explore the future of fair hiring practices!

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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

July 16-19, 2024

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Inside the Black Box: BIAS at the EASST-4S 2024