BIAS Project Infographic Showcases the Power of National Labs 

The BIAS Project, a pioneering initiative committed to addressing biases in Artificial Intelligence (AI), has taken a giant leap forward with the release of their insightful infographic. This visually captivating representation highlights the significant role played by the BIAS National Labs and invites stakeholders to join the National Communities of Stakeholders, shaping the future of AI at these innovation hubs. 

National Labs: The Epicenter of Change 

The BIAS Project revolves around National Labs in Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Türkiye. These labs are hubs for change, fostering collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. The infographic highlights the lab’s unique contributions and diverse expertise. 

Diving into the Infographic: A Glimpse of What’s Inside 

The BIAS Project’s infographic serves as a captivating visual guide to the opportunities and benefits awaiting participants at the National Labs. Let’s explore some of the key highlights: 

  1. Call to Action: The infographic opens with a “Join the BIAS National Communities of Stakeholders” banner, inviting AI developers, investors, policymakers, citizen groups, educators, and workers to be part of this transformative journey.
  2. The Power of Why: The “Why Join?” section elucidates the four pillars that make the National Labs a game-changer. Participants can contribute insights on AI biases, collaborate on groundbreaking technology, engage in capacity building, and unlock a wealth of resources tailored to their needs.
  3. What’s on the Horizon: The “What to Expect?” section provides a glimpse into the experiences awaiting participants. Engaging interviews, dynamic workshops, capacity building programs, illuminating ethnographic studies, and exclusive networking opportunities promise a journey like no other.
  4. Global Reach: the infographic highlights the countries with National Labs and emphasizes the commitment to inclusivity with an international lab targeting other nations.
  5. Embarking on the Journey: The “How” section concludes the infographic, urging stakeholders to take the leap towards a future where fairness and inclusion thrive. The application link beckons participants to register to the National Labs.

Staying Informed and Connected: 

The infographic concludes by directing readers to the BIAS Project’s official website,, and inviting them to reach out for more information via 

Follow the BIAS Project: 

Social media icons featuring the handle “@BIASProjectEU” encourage stakeholders to stay updated on the latest developments through social media channels.