Citizen Science and Artificial Intelligence Technologies: Collaborating for an Innovative and Unbiased Future

Citizen Science and Artificial Intelligence Technologies” was a groundbreaking online webinar that successfully harnessed the synergies between citizen participation and emerging technologies. Held in an era defined by rapid technological advancements, this event showcased the immense potential of citizen science in fostering scientific research and innovation.

The webinar, organised by Crowdhelix in the framework of the TIME4CS and the BIAS projects, served as a dynamic platform for the convergence of the Citizen Science Helix and the Trustworthy AI Helix communities. The core idea driving this collaboration was the recognition of the transformative power of citizen science in collecting and analyzing data and problem-solving. By engaging individuals from diverse backgrounds, this initiative tapped into the collective intelligence of the crowd, propelling scientific discovery and enhancing our understanding of the world.

One key takeaway from the event was the significance of interdisciplinary approaches in addressing complex societal challenges. This approach also extended to AI research, where practices and methodologies inspired by citizen science were employed to consult and engage users and stakeholders. This not only enriched AI systems with valuable input but also fostered inclusiveness and trustworthiness.

The “Citizen Science and Artificial Intelligence Technologies” webinar was an opportunity to explore the potential of citizen participation and AI technologies in transforming various domains, including the labour market. The event underscored the importance of citizen-driven initiatives and the harnessing of technology’s power to amplify their impact.

For those seeking more information or having questions about this event, the organizers can be reached at Hopefully, the webinar left a profound impact, inspiring a vision of a future where citizen science and AI continue to collaborate and lead us towards a more ethical and innovative world.

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Citizen Science and AI Technologies Webinar