Trustworthy AI Helix: Unlocking the power of collaboration. Join the community! 

In the ever-evolving landscape of innovation, the ability to collaborate and connect with like-minded individuals and organizations is paramount. Recognizing this need, Crowdhelix has emerged as a pan-European Open Innovation Network, reshaping the way research organizations, SMEs, and industry actors collaborate, innovate, and flourish. 

With an impressive membership exceeding 690 organizations from 57 countries, Crowdhelix is a vibrant community that spans all European Union (EU) Member States. At its core, the network revolves around specialized communities called “Helixes.” These Helixes, including Health, Societies, and Digital, bring together experts from academia and industry to drive innovation and tackle complex challenges. 

At the heart of Crowdhelix is its technology platform, accessible at This platform serves as a virtual hub, providing a space for these communities to thrive and exchange ideas. Leveraging the platform, Crowdhelix reaches an extensive audience of over 400,000 research and innovation actors within its membership base. Furthermore, the platform currently hosts over 12,500 active users who engage and collaborate actively. 

Within the Crowdhelix platform, members have access to a range of valuable functionalities: 

  • Timely announcements and event updates ensure that members never miss out on significant opportunities. 
  • Collaborative opportunities can also be posted, enabling individuals and organizations to find potential partners and projects aligned with their interests. 
  • Experts can showcase their expertise, fostering interactions and forging meaningful collaborations. 

One notable addition to the Crowdhelix network is the Trustworthy AI Helix, which emerged as part of the BIAS project. This dedicated community seeks to accelerate communication, dissemination, and exploitation strategies within the project. By connecting stakeholders who share a commitment to trustworthy AI, the Trustworthy AI Helix cultivates a self-sustaining community. Members gain access to project updates and have the chance to collaborate with experts in their respective fields. 

In a world where innovation drives progress, Crowdhelix stands as a beacon of collaboration. By facilitating connections and providing a platform for cross-sector collaboration, Crowdhelix empowers European organizations to tackle complex challenges and unlock new possibilities. 

Embrace the power of collaboration and join the Trustworthy AI Helix today to be part of a thriving network that propels trustworthy AI forward. How? Simply visit this page, click “Join,” and select your organization name to request a user account. We’ll be waiting for you there!