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As artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly influences various facets of society, addressing biases within AI systems has become a critical concern, particularly in the context of the labour market, where fairness and inclusivity are paramount. 

We Can’t Play a Symphony Alone 

The BIAS Project, an ambitious European research initiative, recognizes that mitigating bias in AI is a collaborative endeavour. It acknowledges the importance of diverse perspectives and collaboration in addressing AI bias. One key strategy employed by the project is the establishment of National Labs, which serve as platforms for bringing together a wide array of stakeholders. These labs promote co-creation of strategies to mitigate biases stemming from AI’s use in the labour market. 

National Labs act as melting pots, fostering collaboration among individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions. These stakeholders encompass employees with firsthand AI experiences, employers responsible for AI implementation, HR practitioners managing workforce issues, AI developers shaping these systems, policymakers influencing regulations, trade union representatives advocating for workers, civil society organizations striving for fairness, scholars researching AI and bias, and many others. 

The BIAS Consortium’s co-creation approach lies at the core of the National Labs’ mission. It actively engages stakeholders in designing and developing solutions, ensuring the Debiaser tool considers a wide range of perspectives for maximum inclusivity and effectiveness. This approach is particularly vital in addressing AI biases, which can arise from various sources, including biased training data, algorithmic decisions, and human interactions with AI systems. A comprehensive understanding of AI’s real-world impact on diverse stakeholders is crucial. 

A Place to Exchange Ideas and Work Out Solutions 

National Labs also promote networking and collaboration among individuals and organizations addressing AI and diversity in the labour market. The multifaceted impact of AI on employment, job discrimination, and workforce diversity demands a holistic approach. These labs provide a space for stakeholders to connect, share best practices, and learn from each other’s experiences and challenges. 

In addition to fostering collaboration, National Labs serve as vital channels for disseminating knowledge and research findings related to AI bias and diversity. Scholars and researchers can present their work, while policymakers can gain valuable insights into the latest developments in the field. 

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